Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 9

Today went by pretty fast. My SO was off today so we decided to take care of some things - went to IKEA and a few other places. My swelling isnt that bad anymore but I still can't close my lips and they are irritated.. and also my left cheek is a little bruised. So I did get quite a few looks but not as many as I thought I would. I didn't really care for strangers to see me this way though. After that we stopped by his parents' house - this was the first time they've seen me since before surgery. They both stared for a little bit and said that they can see the improvement in my profile and that I don't really look swollen, maybe just a little chubby in the face.

So now I'm back home and I'm about to eat blended tilapia with a sweet potato.. lol.. I know it sounds very appetizing blended fish haha. I have no idea how this will taste but I am hungry for real food so I will try it out..

I finished my anti-biotic already so now I am officially off all meds. Just taking a liquid multi-vitamin, vitamin C powder, cal-mag-citrate powder, Vit D and fish oil - I usually mix all of these together and drink up.

I decided to play a joke on my SO last night as I was drinking beet juice. After I was done, a little of the juice oozed out of my mouth and it looked like blood so I went up to him (he was sleeping) and woke him up and stood there saying in this whimpering voice "babe, somethings happening".. it took him a few seconds to get it and then he just jumped up like a grasshopper and started freaking out saying omg whats wrong, why r u bleeding, where's the number for the doctor, etc etc.. and it was so funny to me that I couldn't stop laughing which hurt so bad and in turn I couldnt explain that it is all just a joke ... it took like 5 minutes. In the end, not worth it lol.. because the laughing was a little painful.


  1. I'm impressed you went shopping on day 9. And you actually don't look too swollen in your pictures either. Wow. There's hope for me then if you are out and about. My surgery was a week ago today and I haven't been out of the house except to see the OS yesterday and a short drive on Sunday. Which was really not a fun trip at all. How is eating going for you? I find it so hard. June

  2. Yeah you really look awesome!!!!!! :) Not too bad with the swelling, and shopping? I am stoked now. :) If I can shop that soon, and look as good as you... I will be thrilled. :)

    I know it is NO picnic, but your blog is comforting me a bit. haha


  3. June, eating has not been a problem for me since the congestion went away. I do find that eating with the big syringe is best - its less messier than spoon/cup and takes less time. I have a really good blender so I just blend everything and dilute it with water if needed. If you are having a lot of trouble eating and still want to keep up with the calories I suggest BSN True Mass - it has 630 calories per serving and tastes delicious!

  4. Yes, I am so glad to be over that nasty congestion. My problem with eating is my lips are so swollen and sensitive and of course my syringes aren't very good either. I've been trying to drink from a cup, but that is a slow process. I will check into that BSN True Mass though. Thanks for the advice. I can say I am way, way better than just a few days ago. Blessings, June