Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 11

Just got back from my 3rd post-op visit. I had to go alone today because my SO could not take off of work. I took the train - it was weird getting looks from people but I think they were mostly looking at my lips because they are so irritated - it looks like I have a rash. And, btw, the lip thing is due to overuse of the A+D ointment and vaseline - I was putting that stuff on like 10+ times a day all over my lips and the skin around it. My doctor told me today that my skin most likely wasn't able to breathe because of all the vaseline and as a result I got this red rash. So now I'm not putting anything on it and I'll see if it clears up.

Anyway, today's post op visit was long - about an hour. They took out the splint! I was so surprised they did that because initially they said I will have to wear it for 3-4 weeks - so happy about that - that thing was really annoying. Taking it out didn't hurt at all - they just snipped the wires that held it in place and it came out very easily. I think it was the splint that was preventing me from closing my lips (or maybe the wires that held the splint in place) because now I can close my lips. After that they put on some tighter elastics on each side, which means I can't open my mouth as wide but I'm sure they'll stretch out soon.

Funny thing happened, I was in the dental chair and my doctor comes in and says "You know I was just talking to a new patient and she has the same exact case as you and I mentioned to her that you were here and when I told her your name she said 'OMG, I've been reading her blog'" lol lol lol... What a small world huh? I ended up talking to her about my ordeal.

So I am home now and very hungry.. about to attack this blended food =)

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