Monday, December 7, 2009

7th Adjustment

I had my 7th adjustment a few days ago. So far I've had my braces on for over 9 months. The space on my top right is almost closed and the space on my bottom right is getting there. My underbite is looking horrid! It has become a little difficult/weird to talk - I sort of had to learn to form certain letters all over again lol... I think I am talkign better now but a few weeks ago a lot of people were havign a hard time understanding me - it was embarrassing when I had to repeat myself like 3 times when ordering a meal at a restaurant...

Anyway, at my last visit she was supposed to discuss my bite molds (they took them at my 6th adjustment) but she didn't elaborate really. She just said that it's not going as she thought it would - that the teeth are still some way from being aligned properly for surgery. She told me that they will take molds of my bite again in the next few visits and see where things are then. When I asked when I can expect to have surgery she said sometime in Spring. I was really hoping to have the surgery done in March but I think it may be more like May or even later now... every time I see her it seems to get pushed up. Darn teeth.