Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 5

Well it's day 5 today. My face stopped swelling up and I think it went down a little bit in my bottom lip. I noticed a little yellowish bruising on my left side. Got about 6 hours of sleep - so hard to sleep sitting up though - I am used to sleeping on my stomach/face so this is a huge change for me. My mom and dad are here today so just hanging out with them. Had rich protein shake for breakfast, took my vitamins and then had chicken broth with olive oil for lunch. Eating is definetly much easier -- takes like 10 minutes now. The only meds I'm taking is the anti-biotic and the codeine. No pain really, just drooling a lot and feeling a little bored. I was planning on taking a walk in the park but it's very windy today so I will probably pass on it..

Just wanted to ask, has anyone had trouble with bowel movements? I have not had a bowel movement since Monday (before surgery..) I am guessing it's the meds but just wondering if anyone else had this problem.


  1. And YES - about the pooping. I didn't for a long time (8-9 days?) and my doctor told me to take a liquid laxative... it took a long time to work. She told me it was from all of the antibiotics and pain medicine.

  2. Glad you are doing better. Hang in there!

  3. Hi. I had my surgery on Thursday, 4 days ago and I haven't had a BM yet either. I'm sure it's because of all the meds plus I haven't had anything but liquids since surgery. The OS did mention maybe taking Miralax to help poop. Each day should be much better for you. June