Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Closer & Closer...

I can't believe how fast time has been flying by. My surgery is approx a week and a half away!

Last week I had to go give blood at a blood donation center in case I will need a transfusion post op. Yesterday I was at the hospital for a checkup, medical history and more blood testing. The doctors also took new pictures and all these different types of molds of my teeth and other weird things involving metal headgear lol. I got my prescriptions already, just need to fill them. They gave me 6 - an anti-biotic (amoxicillan), peridex (mouthwash), afrin allergy & children's sudafed (for congestion), ibuprofen 100mg & acetaminophen/codeine (for pain). I don't know why they didn't prescribe something stronger for pain but my OS did mention a while back that there isn' that much pain involved in this so hopefully I will do fine with what they gave me.

I asked whether the breathing tube and urinary catheter will be out by the time I wake up and they told me that the breathing tube will most likely be out but the catheter will probably stay in -- eek, I was hoping all that stuff would be out so that I don't have to feel them taking it out =/ I am scared of that part...

I still have a dental cleaning next week and getting surgical hooks at my ortho the day before surgery and that's it... ready to go!

I am starting to feel a bit anxious about the whole process but trying to stay positive and think that everything will go smoothly.

My naturopath gave me a some supplements/vitamins (in powder form) to take before and after surgery to help with recovery.

I still need to go shopping to stock up on stuff I will need during recovery.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oral Surgeon Visit #2

I just came back from the Oral Surgeon's office to discuss the operation and answer any questions I had. I expressed my concerns about weight - as I'm only 96lbs and 5'2". He said he's operated on people who were skinnier than me and that he expects me to do fine. He said that most people lose 3-5lbs, more only if they want to. He told me I will be on a no-chew diet for 6 weeks and said that if I get a good blender I can blend pretty much anything and get it down.

I also asked the OS about supplements for bruising & swelling post surgery (I read that some people take bromelian, arnica montana, etc) and he said that some of his patients use arnica montana but he doesnt think it is necessary and is not convinced that it makes a difference. So I am thinking that I will probably not take it but I will still do some more research and see about that. I also asked about what medication I'll be on post-op and he said that he'll prescribe an antibiotic (I expressed concern about nausea with this and he said to take with food) and pain meds if I need them. My surgery is supposed to start around 8am and last 3-5 hours. I am required to stay 1 night.

I went so see a Naturopath - she suggested some vitamins/supplements for a better recovery and gave me some tips on diet.

Next week I have to go to the blood clinic to donate blood (just in case they need it post surgery for me). And I'll also need to get the surgical hooks on at my orthodontists office sometime between now and the surgery. On April 26th I am seeing the OS again for more molds of my bite and pictures.. and also medical history and complete physical, etc.

I asked him what things I should get for a good recovery and he said:
-good blender (i'll probably buy the bullet)
-humidifier (got it)
-baby toothbrush
-ice packs
-heat pad

I will look over the lists of what other people found useful and probably get that too. He said I should have someone with me for 1-2 weeks.

At this point I am both excited and a bit nervous, but trying not to think too much about the surgery and instead focus on gaining weight and getting all my stuff together.