Friday, March 26, 2010

Oral Surgeon Visit

I just came back from the OS. They basically just took new x-rays, new molds and pictures. I am supposed to see him in 2 weeks to go over the new x-rays, etc and finalize everything. He gave me a long list of people on which he performed the same or similar surgery to mine over the past 5 years. He said I can contact them and ask questions but I don't know if I will do that - he just provided phone numbers so I feel a bit weird just calling these strange people and bothering them. They gave me a written letter stating all my deformities and what needs to be done to correct it, etc. It states that I have apertognathia (open bite), maxillary cant and retrusion (top jaw assymetry and anterior under-growth) and mandibular prognathism and cant (bottom jaw anterior over-growth and assymetry)! I guess my case is a lot more complicated than I thought...

They are planning on doing a Lefort I - leveling the maxilla and advancing 3.5mm to correct the cant and retrusion and begin correction of the apertognathia. And the BSSO - moving the mandible 3mm back and 4mm up, with leveling, to correct the prognathism, complete correction of the apertognathia, and establish framework for a stable and functional occlusion.

I have started a probiotic and cleaned up my diet to nutritious, whole foods to prepare my body for surgery/recovery. I am disappointed that I still have not been able to put on any weight and I doubt that I will. I am praying that I don't lose too much weight during this whole process...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surgery date!!!

I saw my orthodontist for the usual adjustment on 2/22 and she took new molds of my bite. She still hasn't gotten back to me about how they look when the oral surgeon's office called - they wanted to know my progress because they said they are booked through June and if I will be ready anytime soon I need to let them know because they are filling up fast. Then they told me that they have May 4th date available and suggested that they put me down for that date now, confirm with my orthodontist that it will be okay and in case it's not, we can reschedule.

So I spoke with my orthodontist and she said that my bite (from the molds) is showing more progress and that by May 4th I should be ready. So as it stands now, it's May 4th! Even though I was hoping my surgery would be around March/April, I am so excited that I finally have a date and know that things are moving forward =)