Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pics of My Current Underbite

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago. It's hard/unnatural for me to close my mouth and I have developed a lisp =/ Can't wait until surgery fixes this...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6th Adjustment

Hello. I just came back from my 6th adjustment, and today did not go as smoothly as other times lol. My ortho decided to take molds of my teeth today to see where my bite stands in prep for surgery - the assistant had a really hard time taking the molds out of my mouth - so uncomfortable. And then she was putting on the new rubbers on my teeth, she broke one of the brackets and it felt like my tooth was going to come out of my mouth - it left so loose. It freaked me out. But the orthodontist said that it was just my tooth beign a bit loose because it wasnt braced now ... whewww! Anyway, they put on a new bracket and all was well - but I was there for almost an hour.

My ortho said i did a really good job with the elastics - she said she was surprised how much my bite changed in just 6 weeks of wearing the elastics. I guess changing them 2-3 times every day really paid off! This time she only gave me 1 elastic band to wear on my right side. When I asked about surgery she said it looks like maybe in 6 months I'll be ready... that disappointed me because I was hoping for January/February =( She told me she will analyze my bite on the molds and see if it could be sooner.

My underbite is really, really, realllly bad right now and I am very anxious for the surgery.