Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 Months in Braces

Well it has been 2 months already. I have to say it went by pretty fast and I am used to living with them - there are days when a particular tooth or teeth will be sore because I guess they are moving, but I have learned to deal with it.. My bottom teeth (specifically the one next to the premolar that has been extracted) continue to straighten out, as do my top teeth. This morning I noticed that my 2 front teeth are not as they used to be.. one is very slightly overlapping the other - I guess it's all part of the treatment .. I have heard others say that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better so I am not worried at all. I trust my orthodontist knows what she is doing plus I still have like 18 months to go haha ...

I have to also say that the clear braces get stained so easily... ugh.. yesterday I was at a party and ended up smoking a few cigarettes. This morning I really regreted it because the braces are all stained and nasty looking ewww... definetly won't do that again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

1st Adjustment

Today was my first adjustment. I actually just got back like an hour ago.

I took tylenol an hour before my visit as advised on archwired =) I was in the chair for about 30 minutes and it wasn't as bad as when I first got them on. They just pulled an twisted here and there a bit. They put some stretchy thing on in 1 spot to help close the space for my top right missing molar (although she isnt sure she will be able to close that space and I might need an implant there).