Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3rd Adjustment & OS Consultation

I had my 3rd adjustment yesterday and a consultation with the Oral Surgeon (finally!!!)

The OS was first - it went fine, although they did not get to take x-rays/pics etc because they had an emergency (someone came in with a broken jaw..). So basically the doctor just talked with me in his office for a good 30-45 minutes, explaining all the surgical details, etc etc. It was very thorough and although he kept encouraging me to ask questions I couldn't think of any! I drew a blank or something.. ugh. My ortho told me this is one of the top Oral Surgeons around and he has a ton of experience - he does these types of surgeries all the time - while most other oral surgeons only get to do jaw surgery every once in a while supposedly. So far, from just speaking to him, I like him as a person. He seems nice, funny and knowledgeable. He is also the chief of oral surgery at a top-rated hospital so that is just icing on the cake and makes me feel confidant that I will be in the right hands. I know that it's wise to shop around but I really don't think I'll find a better qualified OS in my area so I'll be sticking with this one. I am supposed to go back this Thursday for the records - pics/x-rays, etc. Oh and he also told me that my insurance will most likely cover the surgery - he said he's pretty sure of it as he is one of the doctors who wrote their provision on oral surgery.

The ortho appointment went good. I told her I saw the OS finally and that I am opting for surgery. So now she changed gears and is going to make my underbite even more prominent! Yay!! LoL... I guess I can deal with that as long as the ultimate outcome is good =) She changed both wires and replaced them with thicker ones and I got a long rubber thing going across all my top teeth - she said it will pull them back. It felt tight.. tightest I've had it so far.

Today, I had to go back to the ortho because one of my bottom ligatures came off and I lost it. No biggie, but it was kinda annoying having to go back in today - her office is not exactly around the corner.

So right now, things are looking good (although I am sore!) and I can't wait to see what the OS tells me after he examines my x-rays and all that stuff.